Lectures & Talks

Host: Alexander Meissner Location: Seminar Room SI, Tower 3

Seminar with Markus Elsner

"How to get published-Perspectives from a Nature Biotechnology editor" [more]

Seminar with Miguel A. Esteban

"Regulation of RNA-protein interactions" [more]

Seminar with Iftach Nachman

"Early differentiation decisions in a 3D developmental model - What can we learn from embryoid bodies?" [more]

Seminar with Sriharsa Pradhan

“Accessible chromatin mapping of human and mouse at single base-pair resolution” [more]

Seminar with Albert Jeltsch

"Mechanisms involved in reading and writing of methyl marks" [more]

Seminar with Aydan Bulut-Karslioglu

"Chromatin regulation by cell growth, in proliferation and in pause" [more]
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