Dahlem Colloquia in Molecular Genetics

Location: MPIMG, seminar room 1

Aoife McLysaght: Dosage sensitive genes in evolution and disease

Aoife McLysaght is head of the Smurfit Institute of Genetics at Trinity College Dublin and PI of the Molecular Evolution lab there. Her research focuses on fundamental principles of genome evolution, such as de novo gene evolution and gene/genome duplication, and relating these to the interpretation of human pathogenic mutations. Public outreach is a passion of Aoife's and she has contributed as a science communicator to the BBC podcast The Infinite Monkey Cage, the Dublin Science Gallery, the music and arts festival Electric Picnic and the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. She is president of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution. [more]

Thomas Zwaka: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Embryogenesis and Pluripotency: Mechanism and Mechanics of Cellular Conflicts

Thomas is a leading stem cell researcher who has been doing some really original work on the roles of transposon-derived transcription factors in stem cell control. He is also the editor in chief for Stem Cell Research. [more]

Maria-Elena Torres Padilla: Epigenetic mechanisms in early mammalian development

Ulrich Technau: The evolution of animal body plans – lessons from a sea anemone

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