Dr. Patricia Marquardt
Dr. Patricia Marquardt
Scientific Coordinator
Phone: (030) 8413 1716
Fax: (030) 8413 1617
Room: 3.3.71

We would be pleased to welcome you to the Dahlem Colloquia at the MPIMG. Please, send an email to, if you wish to get the invitations regularly.

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Transferable Skills Course: Career building for scientists

Germany is educating more academic scientists than can be employed by the current system. More and more young academics enter the job market and have to select for jobs they have not been trained for. This course will help PhD students and Postdocs to prepare themselves for the challenges of job decisions and personal career planning. [more]

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Transferable Skills Course: Proposal Writing

This workshop enables life scientists to write grants and fellowships that get their research funded. [more]

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Transferable Skills Course: Networking in the academic context

The possibilities to make quick and target focused contact with experts, colleagues, potential employers and staff members, funders and business partners have increased in number and significance. In the light of growing complexity in the knowledge society and better electronic contact possibilities, the ‘know-who’ is gaining in importance next to the ‘know-how’. In the academic sector, as elsewhere, personal contacts enhance the chances of finding supporters and funders for one’s own project, of receiving conference invitations, of being involved in publications, and of being told about interesting positions.Networking requires initiative and continued investment. It is helpful, in this context, to be able to rely on proven strategies to make the right contacts, to communicate in a target focused way and to find the balance between giving and taking. The workshop transmits these proven networking techniques. [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium: “Developmental Modeling Of The Human Kidney”

“Developmental Modeling Of The Human Kidney” [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium: “Dissecting RNA metabolism using single molecule microscopy”

“Dissecting RNA metabolism using single molecule microscopy” [more]

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Transferable Skills Course: Data Analysis

Enables Life Scientists to Effectively and Rapidly Analyse Their Data Using the R Software Package [more]

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Work-Family-Management for Scientists

This workshop is aimed at scientists who are parents and want to reflect and improve the ways in which they cope with the competing needs of their family and their career. [more]

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MPIMG PhD Week: Department of Computational Biology


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Molecular control of genome folding


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Seminar with Aydan Bulut-Karslioglu

"Chromatin regulation by cell growth, in proliferation and in pause" [more]

IMPRS-CBSC Colloqium

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IMPRS Colloquium


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Seminar: "Rules and Roles of Non-coding Transcription"

"Rules and Roles of Non-coding Transcription" [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium: "Epitranscriptomics – from basic principles to clinical insights"

"Epitranscriptomics – from basic principles to clinical insights" [more]

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Seminar with Prof. Stephen Keyse

"Dual-specificity MAP kinase Phosphatases: important modulators of oncogenic signalling through the Ras/ERK pathway" [more]

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Transferable Skills Course: Scientific Writing


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Seminar: "TGF-beta family signaling in cancer"

"TGF-beta family signaling in cancer" [more]

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MPIMG PhD Week: Department of Developmental Genetics

  • DATE has been moved!
  • Beginning: Oct 23, 2017
  • End: Oct 27, 2017
  • Location: MPI-MG


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Dahlem Colloquium

"Stem cell models and non-coding RNAs in neurological disease." [more]

Otto Warburg Summer School

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Otto Warburg International Summer School and Research Symposium on RNA regulation and non-coding RNA function

The summer school will include tutorial style lectures and research talks by invited speakers as well as contributed talks from selected participants. It provides ample opportunity for interaction between lecturers and PhD students in a relaxed and friendly environment, and foster an atmosphere of scientific discussion across disciplines (including molecular biology, bioinformatics, biological physics, mathematics) between PhD students, Postdocs and speakers. [more]

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Characterizing embryonic regulatory landscapes using lineage-specific DNase-Seq and single-cell ATAC-Seq [more]

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Transferable Skills Course: Getting Published

Getting published and understanding the peer review process [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

“Intertwined evolution of mammalian coding and noncoding transcriptomes” [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"The vulnerability of the developing human cortex to genetic and environmental causes of chromatin dysfunction: insights from 3D cortical organoids" [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"Reading & Writing Genomes & Epigenomes: New Technologies & Applications." [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

“Genetic networks defining vertebrate trunk length“ [more]

IMPRS-CBSC Colloqium

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IMPRS Colloquium


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Dahlem Colloquium

“Peaking into transcription using high-resolution genomics techniques“ [more]

9399 1512740363

Dahlem Colloquium

"What we can learn from ancient genetics" [more]

9386 1512740399

Dahlem Colloquium

“Building the mammalian embryo: partnership between embryonic and extra-embryonic stem cells in vivo and in vitro“ [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"Evolution of regulatory landscapes" [more]

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Transferable Skills Course: Statistical Literacy

Enables Life Scientists to Understand the Purpose and Uses of Classical Statistics as an Integral Part of the Scientific Method [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

  • Date: Dec 19, 2016
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:00
  • Speaker: Brian Munsky
  • Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA
  • Location: Seminar Room SI, Tower 3
  • Host: Edda Schulz

"Using Noise to Discover Predictive Models of Signal-Activated Gene Expression" [more]

7861 1512740534

Dahlem Colloquium

"Feathered feet and fancy features: genetics and development of diversity in Darwin's pigeons" [more]

7774 1512740572

Dahlem Colloquium

"A cellular approach to angiogenesis; from live imaging to nanobodies" [more]

7678 1512740609

Dahlem Colloquium

"Genome regulation: Generating robustness and precision in developmental programs" [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

  • Date: Nov 17, 2016
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:00
  • Speaker: Tim Hubbard
  • Professor of Bioinformatics Head of Department of Medical & Molecular Genetics Director of Bioinformatics King's Health Partners/King's College London Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine King's College London, UK
  • Location: Seminar Room SI, Tower 3
  • Host: Martin Vingron

"The 100,000 genomes project" [more]

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Workshop Personalized Medicine and Bioinformatics

In the last years, sequencing and high-throughput „omics“ technologies have become very fast and cost-efficient, thanks to enormous technological advances. As a consequence, large amounts of data on individuals can be generated making the vision of a personalized medicine realistic. This new interface between bioinformatics and big data introduces significant challenges to the bioinformatics community: How to translate the data into useful information about the individual patient? How can algorithms, machine learning methods or statistical analysis help getting new insights into individual predisposition, more efficient diagnostics and options for a personalized therapy? The workshop Bioinformatics and personalized medicine will bring together experts from the fields of bioinformatics and personalized medicine to address these questions. [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"Design Principles of Pluripotency" [more]

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Transferable Skills Course: Data Visualization

The Data Visualisation workshop is divided into two distinct parts – principles and applications. [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"Epigenetic memory and beyond: Theoretical and experimental analysis of Polycomb/Trithorax regulation." [more]

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PhD retreat 2016 of MPIMG-STA and IMPRS-CBSC

PhD students from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics and IMPRS as well as PhD guest students and Master students and are very welcome to join the PhD retreat. This year our annual PhD retreat will take place from the 29.9.2016-1.10.2016 at Krippen near Bad Schandau, a wonderful location close to River Elbe in the Sächsische Schweiz. Take this opportunity to meet other PhD students, their scientific projects and discuss with them in a relaxed atmosphere. [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"Mechanisms of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance" [more]

6356 1512740789

Dahlem Colloquium

"Signaling Modules that Control Embryonic Stem Cell Identity" [more]

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German Conference on Bioinformatics

Highlights: 5 Distinguished Keynotes; Young researcher talks; Research talks from pharma and computation development; Interactive industry session; BIH Award for Women Scientists in Computational Biology; Poster session with flash talks; Best poster prize; Conference dinner; Social event in Berlin [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"TADs, LNCKs and MEDs: Understanding the role of the epigenome in blood cancer initiation and progression" [more]

IMPRS-CBSC Colloqium

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IMPRS-CBSC Summer Colloqium

At the regular colloquium of the IMPRS-CBSC, two PhD students and an invited speaker present their work. [more]

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Professional Skill Course: Proposal Writing

Enables Life Scientists to Write Grants and Fellowships That Get Their Research Funded [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"Structural organisation of the inactive X chromosome in the mouse" [more]

5354 1512740874

Dahlem Colloquium

"Illuminating genetic networks in cancer using CRISPR technology" [more]

5303 1512740907

Dahlem Colloquium

"Epigenetic mechanisms in stem cells and development" [more]

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Professional Skill Course: Data Analysis

Enables Life Scientists to Effectively and Rapidly Analyse Their Data Using the R Software Package [more]

IMPRS-CBSC Colloqium

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IMPRS-CBSC Spring Colloqium

At the regular colloquium of the IMPRS-CBSC, two PhD students and an invited speaker present their work. [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"G Quadruplex Nucleic Acids" [more]

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Professional Skill Course: Scientific Writing

Enables Life Scientists to Communicate Their Research Clearly and Effectively [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"Ribonucleoprotein aggregates: where structural disorder and RNA-binding Ability meet" [more]

3885 1512741026

Dahlem Colloquia

"Evolution of gene expression: from mutation to polymorphism to divergence" [more]

3673 1512740996

Dahlem Colloquium

"Non-coding RNA-mediated assembly of heterochromatin - a kiss to remember" [more]

IMPRS Colloquium: IMPRS-CBSC Colloqium

3397 1447405406

IMPRS-CBSC December Colloqium

At the regular colloquium of the IMPRS-CBSC, two PhD students and an invited speaker present their work. [more]

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Dahlem Colloquium

"Annotation of cis-regulatory elements in the human brain." [more]

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Christmas Party of the Students at the MPIMG

The Christmas Party of the PhD students of the MPIMG and the IMPRS-CBSC from MPIMG and FU. We watch and drink Feuerzangenbowle and listen to cheesy Christmas music to get into the moon of the season! Join us if you want, everybody is welcome! [more]

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