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Journal Article
Messer, P. W.; Arndt, P. F.: CorGen-measuring and generating long-range correlations for DNA sequence analysis. Nucleic Acids Research 34, pp. W692 - W695 (2006)
Journal Article
Lipatov1, M.; Arndt, P. F.; Hwa, T.; Petrov, D. A.: A novel method distinguishes between mutation rates and fixation biases in patterns of single-nucleotide substitution. Journal of Molecular Evolution: the Journal of the International Society of Molecular Evolution 62 (2), pp. 168 - 175 (2006)
Journal Article
Roepcke, S.; Zhi, D.; Vingron, M.; Arndt, P. F.: Identification of highly specific localized sequence motifs in human ribosomal protein gene promoters. Gene 365, pp. 48 - 56 (2006)

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Alignment Statistics for Long-Range Correlated Genomic Sequences (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3909/2006). 10th Annual International Conference, RECOMB 2006, Venice, Italy, April 02, 2006 - April 05, 2006. Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg (2006), 612 pp.
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