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Thomas-Chollier, M.; Watson, L. C.; Cooper, S. B.; Pufall, M. A.; Liu, J. S.; Borzym, K.; Vingron, M.; Yamamoto, K. R.; Meijsing, S. H.: A naturally occuring insertion of a single amino acid rewires transcriptional regulation by glucocorticoid receptor isoforms. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 (44), S. 17826 - 17831 (2013)
Prykhozhij, S.; Marsico, A.; Meijsing, S.: Zebrafish Expression Ontology of Gene Sets (ZEOGS): a tool to analyze enrichment of zebrafish anatomical terms in large gene sets. Zebrafish 10 (3), S. 303 - 315 (2013)
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