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Journal Article
Grote, P.; Conradt, B.: The PLZF-like protein TRA-4 cooperates with the Gli-like transcription factor TRA-1 to promote female development in C. elegans. Developmental Cell 11 (10), pp. 561 - 573 (2006)
Journal Article
Dale, J. K.; Malapert, P.; Chal, J.; Vilhais-Neto, G.; Maroto, M.; Johnson , T.; Jayasinghe, S.; Paul, T.; Herrmann, B. G.; Pourquié, O.: Oscillations of the Snail Genes in the Presomitic Mesoderm Coordinate Segmental Patterning and Morphogenesis in Vertebrate Somitogenesis. Developmental Cell 10 (3), pp. 355 - 366 (2006)
Journal Article
Horn, S.; Lueking, A.; Murphy, D.; Staudt, A.; Gutjahr, C.; Schulte, K.; König, A.; Landsberger, M.; Lehrach, H.; Felix, S. B. et al.; Cahill, D. J.: Profiling humoral autoimmune repertoire of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) patients and development of a disease-associated protein chip. PROTEOMICS 6 (2), pp. 605 - 613 (2006)
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