Both platforms, the Roche/454 and the Illumina systems, have been extensively used for different projects. Actual the NGS Group is involved as sequencing production site in several international genome projects.

The 1000 Genomes Project ( aims to investigate genetic variations with an allele frequency >1% in multiple human populations.

The OncoTrack Project ( is directed at the identification of new biomarkers and their application for colon cancer. In this project the NGS group is responsible for full length transcriptome analysis with the goal of identification of new fusion genes and splice variants.

As Sequencing Core Facility of the MPG we are currently involved in a couple of different projects, like the de novo sequencing of bird genomes and transcriptomes (MPI for Ornithology, Prof. Dr. Manfred Gahr) or the analysis of different Nicotiana species genomes and transcriptomes (MPI for Chemical Ecology, Prof. Dr. Ian T. Baldwin).

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