Dr. Ralf Herwig

Abt. Bioinformatik
Herwig Lab
(030) 8413 1587


  • Statistical analysis of gene expression and proteomics data
  • Modeling and simulation of biological processes
  • Data integration techniques

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Ralf Herwig did his diploma work in mathematics at the Free University of Berlin on robust non-parametric estimation. After his diploma work he developed statistical methods and algorithms for analysis of high-throughput gene expression data within several projects at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics and did his PhD at the FU Berlin in mathematics/statistics on clustering algorithms with a special focus on information-theoretic methods. His current research covers statistical methods and their application to gene expression, proteomics and metabolomics data with various biological backgrounds. He is developing tools for data integration and correlation across different experimental platforms. Recently, his research focus goes into the modeling of biological processes such as metabolic pathways and signal transduction pathways.

Circos plot showing results for whole-exome sequencing in a patient’s primary tumour and the xenografted tumour planted on an immunedeficient mouse. Primary tumour tissue and xenograft tumour tissue  show  a high overlap of somatic mutations when compared    with respective normal tissue (90%). Black: log2 cov- ratio; red: erage copy number gain region; green; copy number loss region; blue: LOH in tumour; P: CNVs in patient pri- mary tumour; X: CNVs in xenografted tumour; O: overlapping CNVs in patient and xenograft. Joint work with Michal Schweiger.


 For recent Herwig publications click here.


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