Transferable Skills Course: Scientific Writing

  • Fully booked
  • Beginn: 17.11.2021 00:00
  • Ende: 19.11.2021 00:00
  • Vortragende(r): Science Craft
  • Dr. Brian Cusack
  • Ort: MPI-MG
  • Raum: SR I or online
  • Gastgeber: Kirsten Kelleher
Transferable Skills Course: Scientific Writing

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This workshop enables life scientists to communicate their research clearly and effectively.

Participants Learn How To:
  • Apply five key principles of scientific writing.
  • Write for their readers.
  • Construct a memorable “take-home message”.
  • Connect all parts of their paper in a flowing narrative.
  • Overcome writers’ block.
  • Structure their paper for increased impact.
  • Use the writing process to inform their own research.
  • Understand the role of “story telling” in scientific writing.

Our Teaching Approach:

  • Encourages participants to see “the big picture” of their research.
  • Uses discussions, exercises and homework to underscore key-points.
  • Equips participants with writing tools rather than burdening them with writing rules.
  • Includes editing of participants’ Abstracts and follow-up one-to-one consultation.
  • Includes class discussions that facilitate an understanding of the writing process; encouraging interaction and the sharing of writing experiences.
  • Creates an informal atmosphere that motivates students to enjoy writing.

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