Transferable Skills Course: Data Analysis with R

  • Beginn: 04.03.2020
  • Ende: 06.03.2020
  • Vortragende(r): Rick Scavetta
  • Ort: MPI-MG
  • Raum: seminar room 2
  • Gastgeber: Kirsten Kelleher
  • Kontakt:
Transferable Skills Course: Data Analysis with R
Enables Life Scientists to Effectively and Rapidly Analyse Their Data Using the R Software Package

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Operate R using variables, functions, indexing and packages.
  • Import your own data regardless of size or format.
  • Perform standard statistical tests on large data-sets.
  • Produce plots and highlight specific data-points.
  • Begin programming in R using the apply functions.
  • Use split-combine-apply strategies for calculations and data manipulation.
  • Begin to adopt a bioinformatician’s perspective.

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