Presentation Workshop for Female Scientists

  • Date: Nov 2, 2018
  • Speaker: Viola Morlinghaus
  • Location: MPI-MG
  • Room: seminar room 2
  • Host: Kirsten Kelleher
  • Contact:
Presentation Workshop for Female Scientists
During this workshop the participants can develop a self-confident and authentic body language, as well as broaden their presence and radiation. Apart from that they will learn how to conquer stage fright and reduce it to a helpful amount.

It's important for scientists to present their research projects and results, to deliver speeches at scientific meetings and (international) conferences and last but not least, be convincing in order to raise third party funds. As we all know, we never get a second chance for a first impression. Little tweaks of our body language can change the effect we have on others immensely. Even more important is the fact, that these alterations change the way we feel ourselves: scientific research of
the interdependency of body and psyche have shown, that not only an emotion alters our posture, but also our posture, movements and way of breathing influence our emotions significantly. Sometimes we intensify a feeling of anxiety, stress or dispiritedness by the way we move. The good news is: we can reverse that process deliberately.

The workshop consists of training units, that are easy to accomplish and nevertheless very effective. They are based on scientific findings and are easily transferred into everyday life. Among other things the participant will get the chance to:
Reflect gender stereotypes
Develop their individual body language and authentic gestures
Discover eye-contact as a key-element of nonverbal communication
Increase the self-awareness for their body language and the impression they make on others
Reduce stage fright to a helpful amount

Course is fully booked.

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