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Journal Article
Herwig, R.; Hardt, C.; Lienhard, M.; Kamburov, A.: Analyzing and interpreting genome data at the network level with ConsensusPathDB. Nature Protocols 11 (10), pp. 1889 - 1907 (2016)
Journal Article
Herwig, R.; Gmuender, H.; Corvi, R.; Bloch, K. M.; Brandenburg, A.; Castell, J.; Ceelen, L.; Chesne, C.; Doktorova, T. Y.; Jennen, D. et al.; Jennings, P.; Limonciel, A.; Lock, E. A.; McMorrow, T.; Phrakonkham, P.; Radford, R.; Slattery, C.; Stierum, R.; Vilardell, M.; Wittenberger, T.; Yildirimman, R.; Ryan, M.; Rogiers, V.; Kleinjans, J.: Inter-laboratory study of human in vitro toxicogenomics-based tests as alternative methods for evaluating chemical carcinogenicity: a bioinformatics perspective. Archives of Toxikology 90 (9), pp. 2215 - 2229 (2016)
Journal Article
Aretz, I.; Hardt, C.; Wittig, I.; Meierhofer, D.: An impaired respiratory electron chain triggers down-regulation of the energy metabolism and de-ubiquitination of solute carrier amino acid transporters. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 15 (5), pp. 1526 - 1538 (2016)
Journal Article
Broecker, F.; Hardt, C.; Herwig, R.; Timmermann, B.; Kerick, M.; Wunderlich, A.; Schweiger, M. R.; Borsig, L.; Heikenwalder, M.; Lehrach, H. et al.; Moelling, K.: Transcriptional signature induced by a metastasis-promoting c-Src mutant in a human breast cell line. The FEBS Journal 283 (9), pp. 1669 - 1688 (2016)
Journal Article
Hardt, C.; Beber, M. E.; Rasche, A.; Kamburov, A.; Hebels, D. G.; Kleinjans, J. C.; Herwig, R.: ToxDB: pathway-level interpretation of drug-treatment data. Database (Oxford) 2016, baw052 (2016)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Hebels, D. G.; Rasche, A.; Herwig, R.; van Westen, G. J.; Jennen, D. G.; Kleinjans, J. C.: A Systems Biology Approach for Identifying Hepatotoxicant Groups Based on Similarity in Mechanisms of Action and Chemical Structure. In: In Silico Methods for Predicting Drug Toxicity (Ed. Benfenati , E.) (2016)
Book Chapter
Lienhard, M.; Chavez, L.: Quantitative Comparison of Large-Scale DNA Enrichment Sequencing Data. In: Statistical Genomics (Eds. Mathé, E.; Davis, S.) (2016)
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