Zeitschriftenartikel (107)

  1. 101.
    Gutjahr, C.; Murphy, D.; Lueking, A.; Koenig, A.; Janitz, M.; O'Brien, J.; Korn, B.; Horn, S.; Lehrach, H.; Cahill, D. J.: Mouse protein arrays from a TH1 cell cDNA library for antibody screening and serum profiling. Genomics 85 (3), S. 285 - 296 (2005)
  2. 102.
    Hofmann, M.; Schuster-Gossler, K.; Watabe-Rudolph, M.; Aulehla, A.; Herrmann, B. G.; Gossler, A.: WNT signaling, in synergy with T/TBX6, controls Notch signaling by regulating Dll1 expression in the presomitic mesoderm of mouse embryos. Genes and Development 18 (22), S. 2712 - 2717 (2004)
  3. 103.
    Aulehla, A.; Herrmann, B. G.: Segmentation in vertebrates: clock and gradient finally joined. Genes and Development 18 (17), S. 2060 - 2067 (2004)
  4. 104.
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  5. 105.
    Aulehla, A.; Wehrle, C.; Brand-Saberi, B.; Kemler, R.; Gossler, A.; Kanzler, B.; Herrmann, B. G.: Wnt3a plays a major role in the segmentation clock controlling somitogenesis. Developmental Cell 4 (3), S. 395 - 406 (2003)
  6. 106.
    Gitton, Y.; Dahmane, N.; Baik, S.; i Altaba, A. R.; Neidhardt, L.; Scholze, M.; Herrmann, B. G.; Kahlem, P.; Benkhala, A.; Schrinner, S. et al.; Yildirimman, R.; Herwig, R.; Lehrach, H.; Yaspo, M.-L.: A gene expression map of human chromosome 21 orthologues in the mouse. Nature 420 (6917), S. 586 - 590 (2002)
  7. 107.
    Fritzmann, J.; Morkel, M.; Besser, D.; Budczies, J.; Frauke, K.; Brembeck, F. H.; Stein, U.; Fichtner, I.; Schlag, P. M.; Birchmeier, W.: A colorectal cancer expression profile that includes transforming growth factor ß inhibitor BAMBI predicts metastatic potential.

Buchkapitel (1)

  1. 108.
    Herrmann, B. G.; Bauer, H.: The mouse t-haplotype: a selfish chromosome-genetics molecular mechanism and evollution. In: Evolution of the House Mouse, 1st edition Aufl., S. 297 - 314 (Hg. Macholán , M.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2012)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit (8)

  1. 109.
    Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
    Beisaw, A.: Investigating the Role of Brachyury (T) in the Control of Chromatin State in Early Mesodermal Cells. Dissertation, Free University Berlin, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Berlin (2014)
  2. 110.
    Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
    Lange, L.: Isolation and analysis oft he embryonic lethal mutation tw18. Dissertation, Free University Berlin, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Berlin (2014)
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