Starting from CGHPRO, a software for the analysis and visualization of array CGH data, we are creating a program for the integrative analysis of genetic and epigenetic changes identified by array and sequencing based experiment types, respectively. The current version of the software can be downloaded here. A video demonstrating the installation process can be downloaded here (150Mb). A zip-file of this video is available here (10Mb). If you encounter any problems or have some comments that could help us to improve the software, please don´t hesitate to contact Katrin Tebel or Reinhard Ullmann.

Single Case View
A tool to visualize and explore single array CGH experiments. A short video introducing the features of this tool can be downloaded here (309Mb). For a zipped file click here (24,5Mb).
Group Explorer
A tool to identify recurrent aberrations in large cohorts and to compare patterns of chromosomal aberrations between groups of patients. Videos demonstrating the workflow can be downloaded here and here (410Mb). Compressed versions of these files are available here (25,7Mb) and here (40,7Mb).
Comparative View
A tool to compare data from the same or different experiment types. Data can be averaged over genes, fixed genomic intervals or regions of interest to enable follow up statistical analysis. A video demonstrating the workflow in CAT is available here (182Mb). A zipped version of this file can be downloaded here (14,6Mb)

This project is funded by the DFG (UL 342/2-1)

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