IT group
The IT group is in charge of the operation and development of the IT-infrastructure of the institute. This includes workstation and server systems, storage, archives, wire based and wireless LAN, Internet access, Internet services and remote access more
The library is a special scientific library. Its main responsibility is to offer the scientific literature covering the research areas of the MPI for Molecular Genetics as comprehensively as possible primarily to the institute's staff. The library offers various methods for researching and acquiring scientific information and gives access to important electronic resources like e-journals, e-books and databases. It can also be used by the general public during the opening hours. more
The administration of the MPIMG secures smooth operations and stable infrastructures for the institute. Besides the core administrative tasks like personnel and accounting, the administration takes care of purchasing and of all financial aspects of national and international grants. Researchers receive support in legal questions pertaining to technology transfer and patenting. This, like many other issues, is dealt with in close cooperation with the respective departments of Max Planck Headquarters in Munich. more
After more than 40 years of use, a structural renovation is urgently required to meet current requirements for fire protection, occupational safety and energy ef- ficiency. The plans foresee insulating the building shell, replacing the windows and doors and adjusting the floor layout to new laboratory use concepts. more
The Guesthouse is intended for national and international guests of the MPI and for new employees of the MPI still looking for permanent housing. more
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