Prof. Dr. Martin Vingron
Direktor, Leiter Abt. Bioinformatik
Phone:+49 30 8413-1150Fax:+49 30 8413-1152


Martina Lorse
Phone:+49 30 8413 - 1151Fax:+49 30 8413-1152

Scientific Coordinator

Dr. Patricia Marquardt
Phone:+49 030 8413-1716Fax:+49 030 8413-1671

IMPRS coordinator

Kirsten Kelleher, PhD
PhD Coordinator
Phone:+49 30 8413-1154Fax:+49 30 8413-1152

Computational Molecular Biology

Department Computational Molecular Biology

Computational biology studies biological questions with mathematical and computational methods. In the area of molecular biology and genomics, the possibility to apply such formal methods, of course, comes from the availability not only of genome sequences, but also of large amounts of functional data about biological processes. Computational molecular biology encompasses both the development and the adaptation of methods from mathematics, statistics, and computer science, as well as pursuing biological questions and applying these tools in close collaborations with experimentalists. The research interest of the Computational Molecular Biology Department lies in understanding of gene regulatory mechanisms in the context of the structure and evolution of eukaryotic genomes. To this end, mathematical, computational, and also experimental approaches are being developed and employed. At the MPIMG, computational approaches have also become an integral part of many research projects.

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