Trisevgeni Rapakoulia

Trisevgeni Rapakoulia, PhD


Research Interests

  • Transcriptional regulation
  • Enhancer target prediction
  • Machine Learning and Data analytics
  • Drug mode of action and drug combinations


Rapakoulia T, Gao X, Huang Y, De Hoon M, Okada-Hatakeyama M, Suzuki H, Arner E. Genome-scale regression analysis reveals a linear relationship for promoters and enhancers after combinatorial drug treatment. Bioinformatics. 2017, 33, 3696–3700. PMID: 28961713.

Rapakoulia T, Theofilatos K, Kleftogiannis D, Likothanasis S, Tsakalidis A, Mavroudi S. EnsembleGASVR: a novel ensemble method for classifying missense single nucleotide polymorphisms. Bioinformatics. 2014, 30, 2324-2333. PMID: 24771561.

Tsolis D, Stamou S, Christia P, Kampana S, Rapakoulia T, Skouta M, Tsakalidis A. An adaptive and personalized open source e-learning platform. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2010, 9, 38-43.

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