Matthias Lienhard

Abt. Bioinformatik
Herwig Lab
(030) 8413 1675


  • DNA methylation and gene expression
  • Analysis of high throughput sequencing experiments


  • M Lienhard, S Grasse, J Rolff, S Frese, U Schirmer, M Becker, S Börno, B Timmermann, L Chavez, H Sültmann, G Leschber, I Fichtner, MR Schweiger, R Herwig (2016). QSEA-modelling of genome-wide DNA methylation from sequencing enrichment experiments. Nucleic Acids Res., 45 (6): e44
  • R Herwig, C Hardt, M Lienhard, A Kamburov (2016). Analyzing and interpreting genome data at the network level with ConsensusPathDB. Nat Protoc., 11 (10): 1889-907
  • M Lienhard, L Chavez (2016). Quantitative Comparison of Large-Scale DNA Enrichment Sequencing Data. Methods Mol Biol., 1418: 191-208
  • J Kang, M Lienhard et al. (2015) Simultaneous deletion of the methylcytosine oxidases Tet1 and Tet3 increases transcriptome variability in early embryogenesis. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA, 112 (31): E4236-45
  • JP Etchegaray et al. (2015) The histone deacetylase SIRT6 controls embryonic stem cell fate via TET-mediated production of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine. Nat Cell Biol., 17 (5): 545-57
  • G Seumois et al. (2014) Epigenomic analysis of primary human T cells reveals enhancers associated with TH2 memory cell differentiation and asthma susceptibility. Nat Immunol., 15 (8): 777-88
  • A Rasche, M Lienhard, ML Yaspo, H Lehrach, R Herwig (2014) ARH-seq: identification of differential splicing in RNA-seq data. Nucleic Acids Res., 42 (14): e110
  • M Lienhard, C Grimm, M Morkel, R Herwig, L Chavez (2014) MEDIPS: Genome wide differential coverage analysis of sequencing data derived from DNA enrichment experiments. Bioinformatics, 30 (2): 284-6
  • C Grimm et al. (2013) DNA-methylome analysis of mouse intestinal adenoma identifies a tumour-specific signature that is partly conserved in human colon cancer. PLoS Genet., 9 (2): e1003250
  • J van Delft, S Gaj, M Lienhard et al. (2012) RNA-seq provides new insights in the transcriptome responses induced by the carcinogen benzo[a]pyrene. Toxicol Sci., 130 (2): 427-39
  • J Rybak et al. (2010) The digital bee brain: integrating and managing neurons in a common 3D reference system. Front Syst Neurosci., 4 pii: 30


  • 2008: Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics, FU Berlin (Germany)
  • 2011: Master of Science in Bioinformatics, FU Berlin
  • Since 2012: PhD studies at the IMPRS-CBSC supervised by Dr. Ralf Herwig
  • Thesis submitted March 2017: Computational analysis of genome-wide methylation enrichment experiments
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