Natalia López Anguita

PhD student
(030) 8413 1272
I come from Spain where I did my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and master’s in Omics Data Analysis (Bioinformatics) in Córdoba and Barcelona, respectively. During my studies and internships in different international research institutes I developed deep interests in stem cell biology. Specially, I am highly interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying different layers of regulation of stemness. Currently, I am working on deciphering the mysteries of “The crosstalk between chromatin and metabolism in regulating stem cell identity” as my PhD project.
In addition to being a “laboratory rat”, I’m a data analysis lover too. Being in front of the computer, decrypting what data is trying to tell us is not only part of my job but also a hobby.  
In my spare time I love chilling and drinking beers with friends, sports, working out and travelling. I am also passionate about getting to know people from all over the world, understanding their way of life and different cultures.
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