Transferable Skills Course: Networking

  • Date: Sep 21, 2021
  • Speaker: Michael Gordian
  • Dr. Michael Gordian is a trainer and seminar leader, specialised in communication, social skills and creative thinking. He trains team leaders and high potentials from various German and international companies as well as more than 12 German universities and research institutions. Above all, he is passionate about travelling, expanding his and other people's minds, juggling and designing new exciting trainings.
  • Location: Seminar Room 1
  • Host: Kirsten Kelleher
Transferable Skills Course: Networking
Like it or not, building a professional network and mastering the art of smalltalk have become crucial skills for young scientists. The good news: Once you know the most important techniques and do's and dont's, it is quite easy as well as pleasant. It only takes some practice and interest in connecting with peers, colleagues and other people in meaningful way. This workshop is inspired by numerous sophisticated and creative best-practice examples from the US and England, both from academia and beyond. In this practical and interactive seminar, you will learn how to master the essentials of networking and small talk, so be ready to actively participate and exchange your ideas in the group. At the end of the training, all participants will have a toolbox with best-practice techniques, which they can practice and use on their own.

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  • 'There is no second chance for the first impression': The TOP 5 techniques for presenting oneself favourably and starting a conversation
  • How to build and increase your professional network efficiently and sustainably: Strategies and techniques for academia and beyond (the art of reciprocity)
  • The importance of individual communication style and personal appearance
  • The do‘s and dont’s: The TOP 10 rules of engaging small talk
  • Best-practice example and techniques from professional interviews (podcasts, radio and talk shows)
  • The power of engaging and inspirational questions: How you can gain fascinating insight into the character of others, while steering conversations in a light-hearted way
  • How to deal confidently with mishaps and how to end unpleasant conversations elegantly
  • The most important aspects of modern business etiquette and business communication beyond academia

Methods: Practical individual and group exercises, conversation simulations, structured group discussions with feedback and input sessions from the trainer.

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