Dr. Atsuhiro Taguchi

Dept. of Genome Regulation
Meissner lab
(030) 8413 1874

Curriculum Vitae

Atsuhiro obtained his MD in 2006 at Kyushu University School of Medicine and worked as a resident/nephrologist for 3 years. After that he joined a kidney development lab in IMEG, Kumamoto University and learned developmental biology. There he established the way of inducing 3 dimensional kidney organoid from mouse/human pluripotent stem cells and got PhD in 2014. He further extended the project into higher-order kidney tissue reconstruction and disease modeling as an assistant professor and joined Alex’s lab in late 2017. He is particularly interested in how the epigenetic regulators play roles during embryonic organogenesis, how established cellular identity is maintained, and how understanding of such mechanisms can be applied for the regenerative medicine.

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