Lam-Ha Ly

Lam-Ha Ly

PhD student
(030) 8413 1167

Main Focus

Statistical analyses on Single-Cell RNA-sequencing data

Curriculum Vitae

2012: BSc in Bioinformatics, FU Berlin

2015: MSc in Bioinformatics, FU Berlin

Since 2016: IMPRS-CBSC student under the supervision of Dr. Stefan Haas and Prof. Dr. Martin Vingron


Lönnberg, T et al. (2017). Single-cell RNA-seq and computational analysis using temporal mixture modelling resolves Th1/Tfh fate bifurcation in malaria. Sci Immunol 2(9)

Svensson, V et. al. (2017). Power analysis of single-cell RNA-sequencing experiments. Nat Methods, 14(4):381-387

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