The Signal Transduction Group

Prof. Dr. Petra Knaus

October 02, 2022

BMP ligands initiate cell and context dependent signaling cascades, which depend on the cell surface expression of respective BMP receptors. Much is known about preferential human BMP/receptor pairs based on biochemical analysis of purified ligand and ligand binding domains. During the last years we extended this knowledge developing a microscopical assay (Ligand Surface Binding Assay - LSBA), which allows the visualization of fluorescently labeled ligands binding to living cells in a native environment. This assay has a great potential to study the effect of disease-causing mutations within ligands or receptors, as well as the potential to allow critical pre-animal studies following the 3R principle. With this we aim to establish and optimize in vitro synthesis of modified BMP ligands which are suited for labeling, consecutive LSBA and preclinical studies.


Since the project will be requiring a diverse set of skills, we are looking for enthusiastic doctoral students with interest in protein synthesis, microscopy and signal transduction. Preexisting knowledge in organic chemistry and biochemistry as well as cell biology would be required.


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