Stefan Budach

Stefan Budach

RNA Bioinformatics (Annalisa Marsico)
(030) 8413 1843

Research Interest

  • machine learning
  • interpretability of deep neural networks
  • RNA editing and RNA modifications

Curriculum vitae

  • Since 2015: PhD student at the IMPRS-CBSC under the supervision of Prof. Marsico
  • 2015: Master in Bioinformatics at FU Berlin
  • 2013: Bachelor of Science at FU Berlin


  • R Rahn, S Budach, P Costanza, M Ehrhardt, J Hancox, K Reinert (2018)
    Generic accelerated sequence alignment in SeqAn using vectorization and multi-threading.
    Bioinformatics [epub ahead of print]
  • S Budach, A Marsico (2018)
    pysster: Classification of biological sequences by learning sequence and structure motifs with convolutional neural networks.
    Bioinformatics [epub ahead of print]
  • S Budach, M Heinig, A Marsico (2016)
    Principles of microRNA Regulation Revealed Through Modeling microRNA Expression Quantitative Trait Loci.
    Genetics203 (4): 1629-40
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