Olga Jasnovidova

Dr. Olga Jasnovidova

Aktas Lab
(030) 8413 1646


2010-2017 PhD studies in Biomolecular chemistry, CEITEC, Brno, Czech Republic. PhD topic: Structural studies of regulatory protein domains involved in eukaryotic transcription; Supervisor: Richard Stefl, PhD
2008-2010 MSc in Molecular and Cell biology, University of Tartu, Estonia. MSc thesis: Function of the carboxyl-terminal extension of S. cerevisiae mitochondrial DNA polymerase Mip1p; Supervisor: Tiina Tamm, PhD
2005-2008 BSc in Biology, University of Tartu, Estonia. BSc thesis: Membrane localization study of S. pombe proteins Sdd1p, Sad1p and Cut11p; Supervisor: Tiina Tamm, PhD


[1] Jasnovidova O, Klumpler T, Kubicek K, Kalynych S, Plevka P & Stefl R (2017) Structure and dynamics of the RNAPII CTDsome with Rtt103. Proc Natl Acad Sci, 114, 11133–11138.

[2] Jasnovidova O*, Krejcikova M, Kubicek K, Stefl R* (2017) Structural insight into recognition of phosphorylated threonine-4 of RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain by Rtt103p. EMBO reports:e201643723.
*corresponding authors

[3] Jasnovidova O, Stefl R (2013) The CTD code of RNA polymerase II: a structural view. Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA 4(1):1–16.

[4] Viikov K, Jasnovidova O, Tamm T, Sedman J (2012) C-Terminal Extension of the Yeast Mitochondrial DNA Polymerase Determines the Balance between Synthesis and Degradation. PLOS ONE 7(3):e33482.

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