Mapping functional enhancer-transcription factor interactions

Dr. Edda Schulz

October 11, 2021

We are looking for students with a passion to to establish innovative techniques to tackle the mysteries driving fundamental biological processes. Previous experience with next-generation sequencing, high-throughput screening and computational biology is an advantage, but not a requirement.

While genome-wide mapping of transcription factor (TF) binding sites is becoming increasingly easy, comprehensive identification of all TFs that regulate a specific enhancer element is not yet possible. To address this challenge we will establish a high-throughput assay for functional mapping of TF-enhancer interactions. To this end, we will combine a pooled CRISPR screen with a massively parallel reporter assay (MPRA). Once established, the assay will be applied to precisely map TF binding motifs in enhancer elements of the Xist gene that we have recently identified (Gjaltema, Schwämmle er al, BioRxiv, 2021). 

For further information on the lab and the Institute visit the website of the Schulz lab.

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