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Mitochondrial pathologies

Mitochondria are organelles found in almost all eukaryotic cells. Important pathways are located within mitochondria, such as the oxidative phosphorylation, TCA cycle, and fatty acid metabolism. The most frequent mitochondrial disorder is a defect in complex I of the respiratory chain, affecting 1 in 5.000 newborns. More than 250 genes are known to cause a mitochondrial disease. Many pathologies, including cancer and diabetes have been reported to be associated with mitochondrial dysfunctions.

The aim of our group is to decipher molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunctions, investigated by a combination of proteomic and metabolomic approaches. These quantitative high resolution mass spectrometry information’s are used to understand the regulatory network and the interplay of proteins and metabolites in mitochondrial disorders and cancer.

We are currently working on complex I mutations and renal oncocytomas, which are stuffed with mitochondria.

Integrative proteome- and metabolome profiling can contribute deciphering molecular mechanisms and provides important information and will help to further understand these diseases.

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